Steel balls

Not even a normal ballpoint pen would work without one of the tiny steel balls that are part of our everyday lives, but above all in the industrial sector. In our special range, we at TIS GmbH offer steel balls that are suitable for various fields of application. More information can be found here.

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Application range of steel balls

Steel balls are used wherever mobility needs to be ensured and frictional resistance reduced. In addition to very trivial applications such as in ballpoint pen refills and drawers, this is also the case in every ball bearing. But steel balls are also used in cosmetics as mixing balls and on bicycles, especially in the steering and braking systems.
In addition, the stable steel balls are particularly important in the mechanical sector, where they are in constant use and durability is an important prerequisite. Steel balls from our range are also an important element in locks that cannot be dispensed with.

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Steel: a valuable material

The material from which we offer our steel balls is high-quality roller bearing steel. With its properties and achievable hardness, it offers important prerequisites for perfect machining and subsequent use.

In addition, steel balls are convincingly less susceptible to corrosion. We mainly offer balls made from rolling bearing steel 1.3505 / 100Cr6 and occasionally also from rolling bearing steel 1.3520 / 1.3536 and can provide you with personal and practical advice on the differences between them and the wide range of possible applications.

Our service for you

We offer expert and friendly advice on the subject of stainless steel balls and have many of the balls in the usual sizes already in stock for you in our full-range warehouse. We therefore try to process your orders in such a way that they are usually delivered on the same day or the next day. Depending on availability, of course. We offer small and large quantities for real needs-based use.

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